How old is this boy?

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Hy­omyung Shin looks like a healthy child. But what you can’t tell by look­ing at him: He was born in 1989. He is 26 years old— but he’s still wait­ing for the on­set of pu­berty. The South Korean man suf­fers from a very rare ge­netic con­di­tion called High­lander Syn­drome. Only a hand­ful of cases have ever been recorded. Those af­fected age ex­tremely slowly— or not at all. Will Shin live far longer than the av­er­age hu­man? No one knows, be­cause High­lander Syn­drome is un­charted med­i­cal ter­ri­tory. But the an­swer to one of hu­man­ity’s oldest ques­tions might be con­tained within Shin’s DNA: Could this as-yet-undis­cov­ered key help us put the brakes on ag­ing?

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