Are there seed bombers?

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Trees pro­tect the cli­mate by serv­ing as car­bon sinks. But each year thou­sands of square miles of for­est are lost around the world be­cause of fires and de­for­esta­tion. A com­pany called Bio­car­bon En­gi­neer­ing in the UK in­tends to use tech­nol­ogy to curb the loss of forests and plant more than 1 bil­lion trees a year— from the air. Us­ing a re­mote-con­trolled quadro­copter, tree seeds housed in green con­tain­ers will be dropped like bombs onto bare ar­eas. The biodegrad­able pack­ag­ing will bore into the ground and be de­com­posed by the rain. Each seed is pro­tected and can ger­mi­nate and grow its roots and be­come one of 1 bil­lion trees.

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