11 Mo­ti­va­tion Lies

* Re­vealed by re­searchers What re­ally drives peo­ple? What makes them hes­i­tate? How and when can they ac­cess their strong­est willpower to pur­sue their goals? Ex­perts speak to id about the truth be­hind the big­gest myths of mo­ti­va­tion and ex­plain what strate

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Dis­cover what re­ally mo­ti­vates peo­ple

Money doesn’t mo­ti­vate? Non­sense!

Never give up! Why not? Only you can mo­ti­vate your­self? No way!

Think big and you can do any­thing. Don’t be­lieve a word!

MUL­TI­MIL­LION-DOL­LAR INDUSTRY Com­pa­nies in­vest mil­lions in mo­ti­va­tional sem­i­nars, work-life coaches give lec­tures to thou­sands of peo­ple, and scores of self-help books prom­ise per­fect mo­ti­va­tional tricks. But more and more re­searchers cau­tion that many of

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