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About 243 million results— that’s how many pages Google returns when you search the phrase “Never give up.” Thousands of images and articles have just one message: Those who give up are weak— you must always carry on if you want to stay motivated! But this is a blatant misconcept­ion, according to psychologi­sts such as Carsten Wrosch. In his opinion, this life motto can even destroy motivation: “If you persevere in an unbearable situation, not only does your psyche get depleted, your physical well-being can also suffer massively.” Three studies by motivation experts at Concordia University in Montreal have shown that “never give up” is a motivation myth. People who are able to let go of unobtainab­le or senseless objectives are happier than those who continue to cling to them. Social scientist Robert Goodin is convinced: “Winners constantly give up.” The best example is Steve Jobs: When he returned to Apple in 1997 and became CEO, he got rid of 340 of the 350 products that existed at the time. He pursued only 10 of them. Today Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world.

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