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“Numerous motivation­al speakers have been trying for decades to sell us on the notion that lack of self-confidence is the root of all evil. But that is a big motivation lie!” says Steffen Kirchner. He’s convinced that the cause and the effect are actually reversed in this case. “The key to successful motivation isn’t always self-confidence; oftentimes, it also entails insecurity,” says Kirchner, who has scientific­ally evaluated the motivation of 200+ profession­al athletes. Nine out of 10 top athletes are always uncertain about themselves, and they train much more intensivel­y than others because of this uncertaint­y. A great example of this is Lionel Messi: The 28- year- old is captain of Argentina’s national soccer team and a five-time FIFA Ballon d’or award winner— yet he gets insecure. So his motivation to impress with athletic prowess is all the greater.

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