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Many psy­chol­o­gists see stress as one of the big­gest killers of mo­ti­va­tion. The rea­son: Stress is un­healthy, it can make you ill and fat. All of this is true— at least when it comes to neg­a­tive stress. How­ever, there is also pos­i­tive stress, known as eu­stress— and the ef­fect that it ex­erts is ac­tu­ally highly mo­ti­vat­ing. Stress is al­ways pos­i­tive if we can re­solve it on our own and take ac­tion our­selves. Why would that be? In re­al­ity, there is no growth with­out stress. For ex­am­ple, if you want to build up your mus­cles, you have to put them un­der some amount of strain— which means you must stress them. And our willpower is also a kind of mus­cle that can be strength­ened through strain and stress. “The only im­por­tant thing is that you see the sense be­hind your stress, oth­er­wise you won’t be mo­ti­vated,” ex­plains men­tal coach and mo­ti­va­tion trainer St­ef­fen Kirch­ner.

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