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Each issue of id teaches me so much about the world, but what I learned from the story on dreams in the November issue also provided comfort. Not too long before the issue came out I became pregnant with my first child. One night I had a dream about my own death. I was bitten by a snake while taking a walk around my neighborho­od and soon came to realize I was deceased. I had to board a bus with a bunch of other people and the driver came to collect our money and personal belongings, informing us that we wouldn’t be needing them anymore. At that point in the dream it dawned on me that I was dead. I don’t know where the bus was going, but I do recall that I didn’t part with all of the money in my wallet, I’m not sure why or if that detail even matters. I would have been very disconcert­ed upon waking to have dreamed of my death, which I’ve never done before, but happily I remembered from the dreams article that it’s not unusual for a pregnant woman to dream of death or corpses, that it signifies the ending of one phase of her life and the start of a new one. This spared me much anguish and put me at ease. I hope others have found the article to be helpful, but regardless it was a fascinatin­g look at the subconscio­us mind. Elisabeta Florescu, Mount Prospect, IL

The realm of dreams truly is a strange place. Through visions that can appear absurd, the subconscio­us communicat­es internal concerns, views, conflicts, and wisdom. Sometimes dreams are where the mind tries to work through issues in the dreamer’s life. And it can be reassuring to discover imagery that appears quite dire is really not so literal as what is being visually represente­d in the dream. The part about the bus calls to mind an adventure game called Grim Fandango, in which the recently deceased must travel to the Land of the Dead. The method of transport available to the person depends on the quality of the life he or she led (e.g., those in excellent standing may get a sports car, a less-than-stellar record may get you a trip on public transport, or, in the case of the player’s character, you end up with just a walking stick). In any event, we’re glad the article was a balm for your spirit.

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