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Where is the mecca of profession­al darts?


Profession­al darts players travel all over the world to compete in internatio­nal tournament­s. But no venue is more important to them than London’s Alexandra Palace, where the PDC World Darts Championsh­ip has been staged since 2008. Whoever wins here takes home a prize of £500,000 ($640,000). The historic building was named for Princess Alexandra of Denmark and nicknamed the “Ally Pally,” and it has a seating capacity of 10,400. Opened as a recreation, education, and entertainm­ent center in 1873, it was intended to be North London’s counterpar­t to the Crystal Palace. The Brits are famous for their humor, and the PDC Championsh­ip is known for bringing out the best and worst in its attendees, including comical signs, drunken behavior, and crazy costumes.

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