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What Did Dinosaurs Really Look Like?


1. More feathers

Even if we’re unlikely to see such a specimen in a movie like Jurassic Park, many dinosaurs were covered with feathers, which helped protect them from the cold.

2. More color

“It’s possible T. Rex was pink, had feathers, and danced to attract mates,” says Jack Horner, the paleontolo­gist who advised Steven Spielberg during the filming of Jurassic Park.

3. Less violence

Like the predators of today, dinosaurs didn’t kill for pleasure but rather to ensure they got enough to eat, which is a far cry from the bloodthirs­ty beasts depicted by Hollywood.

4. Less noise

It’s pure speculatio­n, but T. Rex probably sounded more like a crocodile or an ostrich than a lion or the monster in Jurassic Park.

5. Less action

There’s no evidence dinosaurs were more active than other animals. Perhaps a time traveler visiting the Cretaceous Period would find many of the dinosaurs snoozing.

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