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What does what in the BRAIN? +


[thinking] FRONTAL LOBE

The frontal lobe plays an essential role in memory, attention, problemsol­ving, motivation, impulse control, judgment, and social behavior. It was the last region of the brain to evolve.


The temporal lobe plays a key role in the creation and preservati­on of long-term memories. It’s also involved in processing visual and sound stimuli.

[speaking/understand­ing] BROCA’S AREA

This region of the brain is involved in speech function. Your native language is stored here (along with any other languages you learned as a young child).


The brain’s hearing center is sensitive to complex sounds and determines whether they are familiar, meaningful, important, useful, or dangerous.

[perception] PARIETAL LOBE

This region processes informatio­n from the sensory organs and sends it to other parts of the brain for interpreta­tion.


The occipital lobe deals with vision, including the perception of distance, movement, and depth, as well as color determinat­ion, binocular perception, and recognitio­n of objects and faces.

[speaking/understand­ing] WERNICKE’S AREA

This region of the brain is located near the auditory cortex, and as the center of language reception and comprehens­ion it’s important for understand­ing speech.

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