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B4 Monday, February 11, 2019 Imperial Valley Press n n NIE DiD you know? To open the vaults at the Bank of England, you need a key which is 3 feet long KIDZ BUZZ Bank on it DRAWING WITH MARK! Get a pencil and use the grid below to draw the bird as shown. The grids will help you to line everything up. Keep practicing and having fun! By Erika Enigk More Content Now D o you get an allowance? Or have you ever done some jobs around your neighborhood to get money? A good place to keep that money safe is the bank. What banks do Let’s say you have $100 saved up. You can open a savings account at a bank and give them your $100. You can go anytime and get it back, but in the meantime, the bank is going to use your money to help other people. So let’s say your friend needs $10 to start a lemonade stand. They can go to the bank and ask for a loan, which means the bank will give them the $10, and they’ll eventually pay it back. But where does the bank get $10? They use the money you deposited. And when your friend pays back the $10 with the money they made in the lemonade stand, they pay a little extra, too. So when you go back for your $100, the bank gives YOU a little extra. The extra is called “interest.” But what if you wanted your $100 back before your friend paid back their $10? That would be a problem if you were the only person giving money to the bank. But when lots of people deposit their money, there’s plenty for people who need money to borrow. And thanks to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, if the bank somehow loses your money, you’ll be able to get it replaced. Activity: Build your own piggy bank You’ll need: and draw a tail on the other. You can also use construction paper to make legs. • An empty toilet paper roll • Some pink construction paper • Glue • Markers • Anything else decorating • A box cutter to use it) Cover your toilet paper roll by gluing paper around the outside. Attach the ends. Ask an adult to cut a coinsized hole in the top. you want for (and an adult That’s it. Start saving! When your bank is full and you want to get your coins out, pry the pig head off. You might be able to glue it back on and save again. Watch Drawing with Mark! Make two construction paper circles that are slightly larger than the ends of the toilet paper roll. Decorate one like a pig face, • Check your local listings at • Find the award-winning “Drawing with DVD episodes at Mark” Saving up WORD FIND A bank is a great place to keep your money safe and make more money without doing anything. The “interest” you get for keeping your money in the bank can really add up, but it takes a long time. But if you start saving now, you could have a lot saved up by the time you’re grown up. That could mean some nice extra money to pay for college, a car or whatever you need! Banks Allowance Money Savings Account Checking Loan Deposit Borrow Interest ANGELS FROM THE ATTIC By Mark Marderosian

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