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Imperial Valley Press Monday, February 11, 2019 A7 n n Paws&Pages QUESTIONS? Contact Editor in Chief Tom Bodus at [email protected] or (760)-337-3427. Righting the wrongs We strongly urge everyone to please keep their ears and eyes open and remain hyper-vigilant. It is important to make sure that all illegal activities are reported to the authorities as soon as you obtain any knowledge. Unfortunately the Humane Society of Imperial County does not have legal authority over these matters, but we are always happy to direct people in the right direction. As the great Mahatma Gandhi once put it, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” If you have any knowledge or have any concerns about the mistreatment of animals, please make sure to contact the appropriate animal control agency immediately! Be the voice of the voiceless and let’s make the Imperial Valley safer and happier for all of its community members, both two- and four-legged. BY DEVON APODACA Special to this Newspaper W henever unloved, abused, neglected and abandoned animals come into the care of the Humane Society of Imperial County, we take on the responsibility of making sure they get the love and medical attention that they need to ensure that the wrongs are made right. Our goal is to make sure they are placed into homes where they will be unconditionally loved and happy for the rest of their days. The majority of unloved animals that come into our care are puppies and kittens that are usually very sick and/or injured. These young animals are often found by people driving and find boxes or they see something crawling around on the ground along the roadside. Sometimes they are left in front of peoples’ homes, but most often these defenseless animals aren’t even given a fair chance and are dumped somewhere in the country to fend for themselves and must endure a slow death. There have been times where help came too late for these helpless animals, and they could not be saved due to the severe deterioration of their health. Animal abandonment is often a last-minute attempt for pet owners to completely disregard their responsibility as a pet owner. As previously mentioned in other columns, there is a simple way to deal with unwanted pets - spay and neuter. Spaying and neutering pets ensures that unwanted litters are not born and that pet owners do not acquire any unwanted financial liabilities that are associated with having multiple pets. There are certain diseases and negative health conditions that can be completely Local animal control agencies Brawley (760) 344-5800, ext. 10 Calexico (442) 200-7366 Calipatria (760) 351-7766 El Centro (760) 352-2111 Holtville (760) 356-2912 Imperial (760) 355-4327 Westmorland (760) 344-3411 County* (442) 265-2655, ext. 0 avoided simply by having pets spayed and neutered. We cannot stress enough the importance of having pets regularly seen by a family veterinarian. Having pets regularly seen will ensure that they remain strong and healthy, and if there are any health issues they will be addressed sooner than later and will eliminate any needless pain and suffering. It is inhumane to make a sick or injured pet deal with these problems all on their own without any medical care, especially if it is clear that they need to be seen by a veterinarian. Under Penal Code 597 in the California Animal Law Handbook, it is clearly outlined that all animal abuse, negligence, abandonment, and animal fighting (cock fighting and dog fighting) is illegal and is punishable by law by a fine of $20,000 and imprisonment of up to one year. As a community it is our responsibility to respect and protect animals. By holding offenders accountable for their actions not only saves the lives of innocent animals and ensures their safety, but we are also ensuring the safety of our community as a whole. It has been proven that people who commit murder start off by intentionally harming animals. *County services Heber, Seeley, Niland, Ocotillo, Salton City, Bombay Beach, Palo Verde, Winterhaven, and all unincorporated areas of each city. For all wildlife that is found, please make contact with the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge at (760) 348-5278 Devon Apodaca is executive director of the Humane Society of Imperial County. OF THE favorite thing by far is eating! When it comes to feeding time she goes bonkers. Her favorite foods are alfalfa pellets, timothy hay and cilantro. She absolutely loses her mind when you give her cilantro. Susie is used to being around people and other animals, so we know that she would do very well in a home where she has plenty of brothers and sisters. Most importantly, Susie would love to find her new and furever family. If you would like to set up a meet-and-greet with Susie, please call or come by the shelter during our hours of operation. Susie’s adoption fee is $60. Susie ½ year Female, spayed Mini Rex mix Black 8 pounds Susie has been under our care and in a foster home for just about a year. She came to us when her family could no longer care for her. Sometimes you may hear people say that rabbits aren’t usually loving, or they may not have a lot of personality. That is not the case for Susie! Susie is a little ball of fun! She loves to play with her toys and she even likes to play with small dogs. She is very loving and likes to be held. Susie’s most ADOPTER Sally CITY OF RESIDENCE PET’S NAME Lyndi AGE 9 years BREED DATE ADOPTED & Rick Shaplin Campo Willaim O. Wright Jr. El Centro Bear Chihuahua/Doxie mix February 2019 January 2019 All adoptions include n Up-to-date vaccinations n Microchipping n Spay/neuter One FREE grooming with Awesome Pawz n One FREE checkup with local vet n 1575 W. Pico Ave. El Centro, CA 92243 (760) 352-1911 [email protected] Hours of Operation Tuesday – Friday: 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. Saturday: Closed Closed Sunday, Monday and all major holidays Fernando Romero El Centro The Edwin Family El Centro Summer Hours Tuesday – Friday: 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. Saturday: 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Shepherd February 2019 February 2019

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