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Sexual abuse cases show 32% increase in 2022


Sexual abuse cases increased by 32% last year compared to 2021.

Records from the State Department of Citizens’ Safety show the cases climbed from 1,297 in 2021 to 1,680 last year.

The records show July and August reported the largest number of cases reported in 2021. Last year, May and June recorded the largest figure.

The Center of Economic Studies of Baja California said that at least five women were victims of sexual abuse every day on average — the highest in the last eight years, according to the report.

At the same time, domestic violence increased 5.5% statewide from 12,568 cases to 13,262.

“Insecurity increased to worrying levels,” the Center said.

According to the Center, violence and crime combined with low wages and the world’s recession have led to stagnant economic growth in the last two decades.

For its part, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography has reported a decline of Baja California’s gross domestic product.

The economic impact also led to the closing of businesses due to the lack of economic developmen­t strategies, the Center said.

Last week, the Employer Confederat­ion of Mexicali called the authoritie­s to change its public safety strategy to address crime, which has recorded an increase in the last year in most cases.

The Center said foreign investment has also seen an impact due to crime. Last year, the state recorded the highest number of closed companies since 2008.

The center said crime has been a cause of small businesses and the exodus of almost $520 million in investment in the last three quarters.

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