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The answer is blowing in the wind!


This column title comes from a great Dylan song from the ‘60s. The wind is a happening thing in the Valley right now and it always is the sign that the Fair is here or on its way. I personally am not a fan of the wind, even though a fan causes wind! I do respect wind but I have allergies, so when it blows I get physically and emotionall­y assaulted. Yes the wind makes people grumpy. Many say the wind blows … I agree!

Wind is cool though, both literally and figurative­ly. It drops the temperatur­e 10- 20 degrees, so when I was young I loved the wind, especially from May to July. It would push the day heat to the east and we were free to frolic at Bucklin Park most nights of the week. I lived near the park and a slight breeze would ease hanging out on the hills. “Summer breezes, made me feel fine!”

Wind is useful, although underused. Renewable energy is the right path for energy policy and I am surprised we don’t have more windmills here, there, and everywhere, to mine the endless source of free, clean power. Our addiction to fossil fuels is major, and when the price continues to soar for gas and home electricit­y, windmills will become more of a winner.

I don’t fuss much over the wind, I just cough and cope. God invented the wind and in the big plus- minuses spreadshee­t in the sky, wind is good, especially for sail boaters, wind farmers and kite flyers. With wind such a regular seasonal visitor – like snowbirds – we should have annual kite flying contests … could be fun, and definitely low- cost family fare.

Wind is also good evidence of God the Father. Many don’t believe in God because they can’t see Him. The wind is also invisible but its effects are visible to all. It can be very pleasant and comforting, but also devastatin­g when it gets cranked up or when God gets cranky! Big winds can cause serious damage to people, places and property. The song, “Blowin’ in the wind” by Bob Dylan talks about our reoccurrin­g struggles with toil, war, big social problems and man’s inhumanity to man. Like the wind, these problems are here to stay.

So when the wind blows, think of it as another example of God’s grace. The wind, like the world, can seem messed up, but there are many cool people and things we can focus on. For example, after a breezy day all the poor air quality gets blown away, and we can revel in the beauty of the mountains, and sometimes the snow- capped peaks. Kinda like how God forgives us and can get rid of our poor spiritual funk! So when you get bugged by the breeze, take a moment to count the blessings. I plan to have a good time and see some friends at the Fair, even if the wind blows!

Jim Shinn works for Imperial Valley College and teaches Sociology of the Marriage and Family in local prisons within Imperial County.

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