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Bryce Buscaglia

Age 16 | School Holtville High School | Grade 11 | Sports Baseball


What goals did/do you have as an athlete? Do you feel like you achieved them?

Holtville High School’s Bryce Buscaglia pitcher threw nine strikeouts and one hit to help secure the Vikings’ win over Mohave High School as part of the Route 66 Laughlin River Baseball Tournament.

Across four games, Buscaglia averaged .600 at bat in 14 plate appearance­s, ending with a .714 on-base percentage.

During the tournament Buscaglia hit four doubles and had four RBIs to help the Vikings baseball club start the season 4-1. Despite it being early in the season Buscaglia is already striving for a successful regular season and looking toward the postseason.

“I am looking forward to a great season, and, hopefully, we will finish strong with a CIF Championsh­ip,” Buscaglia said.


Class: Math

Pastime: Hitting in the batting cage

Drink: Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher

Profession­al sports team(s): MLB’s San Diego Padres

Profession­al athlete(s): Baseball players J.T. Realmuto and Bryce Harper

Person(s) that inspires you: “A person that inspires me is Bryce Harper. He is someone I have watched since I was little and wish to be like him someday.”

What motivates you as an athlete?

“As an athlete, I am motivated by my love competing and winning. My goal of wanting to play baseball at the highest level keeps me motivated.”

What are your favorite memories from this season?

“My favorite memories from this season so far include going to Laughlin, Nevada, participat­ing in the Route 66 Laughlin River Baseball Tournament and having fun on and off the field with my teammates.” “My goals as an athlete are to be the best player and teammate I can be. I work on this daily so I can play baseball at the highest level, whether that be in college or at the profession­al level. Athletes don’t play this game forever due to age and injuries but I hope to play for as long I am blessed and able to. I have not reached my goal yet but hopefully someday I will get to be a profession­al athlete.”

What comes next for you in your athletic career?

“As of right now, I hope to have a successful junior year playing baseball for Holtville and win as many games possible so we can make a deep run in the

CIF playoffs. Then in the summer I (plan to) have a very long and competitiv­e baseball season playing for my travel team, CBA Marucci National Team.”

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