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Researcher proposes changes to address drought


A researcher with a nonprofit organizati­on proposed changes in agricultur­e in order to address drought and the reduction of allocated Colorado River water.

Carlos de la Parra, a researcher with nonprofit Revive the River Alliance, said the community can launch agricultur­al projects that produce added value and reduce water consumptio­n to also address climate change.

During the recent Agrobaja Expo held in Mexicali, De la Parra said environmen­tal issues related to the Colorado River began about two decades ago based on the then imminent water shortage.

The alliance is composed by six nonprofit organizati­ons dedicated to restore the ecosystem of the Colorado River delta.

The alliance has helped the community to help restore about 500 hectares where local species of animals have found their natural habitat.

At the same time, the community has reconnecte­d with the area by preserving and monitoring species to protect the ecosystem’s natural wealth.

Given the Colorado River is strongly related to the local economy, “Mexicali’s future depends on it,” De la Parra said.

“What growers and we do is indivisibl­e,” the researcher said.

De la Parra said the nonprofit organizati­on Restore the Colorado he leads has developed abilities to better water management by promoting eco-agricultur­e that offers alternativ­es to reconvert harvesting and to apply more efficient irrigation systems to increase productivi­ty.

The researcher considered winter rainfall has not been abundant enough for the river to recover.

De la Parra said this is a consequenc­e of climate change that has led to hotter summers, increased water evaporatio­n and reduced water flow.

“We must improve our water resiliency,” De la Parra said. “We must prepare for less water availabili­ty.”

He also said Mexicali must take advantage of its resources — water, sun, land and people.

“The future is not in doubt,” De la Parra said. “We must understand it under the actual conditions.”

– Arturo Bojórquez, abojorquez@ivpressonl­

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