In Touch (USA)

Is She Pregnant?!

Taylor Swift’s new look sparks a frenzy of speculatio­n


Taylor Swift had fans buzzing in the days after she took the stage in San Jose, Calif., on Dec. 2 looking confident, glowy and fuller than her usual pin-thin self. “She looks pregnant,” wrote one Twitter user. Another chimed in: “Her legs are thicker and she has a butt now.” There were comments about her updated wardrobe, too: “My mom’s convinced that Taylor changed her style to all these baggy shirts because she’s pregnant.” Australian magazine NW has even reported that Taylor, 28, is four months pregnant. “She appears to have gained 30 pounds,” nutrition expert Lisa Defazio — who has not worked with Taylor — tells In Touch of the “Shake It Off ” singer, who has been dating actor Joe Alwyn, 26, for over seven months. “It’s hard to determine if she is pregnant; she may have just gained weight.” And that would be just fine with Taylor’s legions of fans and admirers. “She’s just a little heavier than usual,” says an insider. “I don’t think she’s pregnant.” Stay tuned! ◼

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