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A Superhero Solution For A HEALTHY SPRING

We found your superfood solution.


Staying well this spring may seem more attainable when broken down into smaller categories: social distance, use hand sanitizer, keep your body fueled, hydrated and your immune system strong. An easy (and delicious!) way to do this, is by incorporat­ing cherries into your diet. This superfood is famed for it’s anti-inflammato­ry superpower and is packed with a ton of antioxidan­ts and nutrients.


Cherries are full of anthocyani­ns, a powerful nutrient that kick-starts your immune system and gives the fruit their gorgeous red, blue and purple hues. Studies have also shown that they may lower blood pressure, improve vision, prevent diabetes and can have antiinflam­matory, anti-viral and anti-cancer benefits.


Cherries also boast a number of beneficial antioxidan­ts, which can be good for your heart health, and may also lower your risk of infections and some forms of cancer.


Vitamin A plays an integral role in so many vital processes for the body. In addition to supporting your immune system overall, it also supports bone health, healthy vision, and may reduce your risk of acne as well as certain cancers.


Vitamin B is just as important for your body. It’s known for regulating mood and reducing symptoms of depression and also promoting brain health. It has serious benefits for your heart as well — including preventing and treating anemia by aiding in hemoglobin production and it may prevent clogged arteries, reducing the risk for heart disease.

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