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Art Nouveau Is New Again

Swirls of sparkle are an ode to art and nature!


Starting in the 1890s, whiplashes were the graceful, swirling lines that became the hallmark of art nouveau. From paintings to stair railings to brooches, these ornamental S-curves were used to evoke movement in stylized depictions of nature’s creations — flowers, trees, insects, even a woman’s flowing hair. The motif’s ubiquity was short-lived; with the start of World War I, sleek industrial lines began to edge out the flowers and their whiplashes. But during its brief reign, art nouveau marked a triumphant departure from stuffy convention in the art world, and its influence continues to echo in jewelry design to this day.

We’re paying tribute to an art movement defined by motion with the Dancing Iris Collection, a necklace, ring and earring set inspired by nature. Showcasing nearly 7 total carats of the Ultimate Diamond Alternativ­e®, DiamondAur­a®, in yellow gold-finished settings, each piece features glistening purple teardrops intertwine­d with swirls of white stones and graceful golden whiplashes. Subtle in its abstract design, yet teeming with sparkle and movement, the Dancing Iris is a contempora­ry take on a century-old celebratio­n of natural, feminine beauty. Gift it to the muse in your life, and you’re sure to whip up an art craze of your own.

Act fast! This collection has been a top customers’ pick this year, and we only have 1,427 left for this ad. That’s nearly 7 total carats of our Ultimate Diamond Alternativ­e® for the Stauer Impossible Price of $99! We dare you to find a better bang for your buck.

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