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Vi­jay Govin­dara­jan Dis­tin­guished pro­fes­sor at Tuck School of Busi­ness at Dart­mouth Col­lege

The cost of R&D can prob­a­bly be re­cov­ered in In­dia, at which point it may be pos­si­ble to re­duce the price for even poorer mar­kets. Sta­sis may also be able to re­duce the price fur­ther in some mar­kets by de­liv­er­ing data ev­ery 20 or 30 min­utes in­stead of five. That’s still an im­prove­ment in coun­tries where they don’t mon­i­tor at all.

I would rec­om­mend that be­fore try­ing the U.S., Sta­sis go to other devel­op­ing economies. Some hos­pi­tals in In­dia have opened branches in Africa. Once you sell the prod­uct in In­dia, that would be a nat­u­ral way to mi­grate. Com­ing to the U.S. is go­ing to be tough. There are go­ing to be a lot of reg­u­la­tory ap­provals. An­other op­tion is to part­ner with GE and Philips and use their dis­tri­bu­tion chan­nels to get prod­ucts into the U.S.

Laura Sam­path Vice pres­i­dent of pro­grams at Ven­tureWell, a non­profit that sup­ports in­no­va­tors cre­at­ing so­cially con­scious busi­nesses

If you are not will­ing to re­lo­cate to the tar­get mar­ket, then your like­li­hood of fail­ure is much higher. Any­time I see an in­no­va­tor who says, “I am just go­ing to stay at home and do it from a distance,” I get re­ally wor­ried about the per­son’s com­mit­ment and abil­ity to be suc­cess­ful. Di­nesh un­der­stands that there are too many pieces of com­pany build­ing that he can­not man­age overseas.

One rea­son Sta­sis has been suc­cess­ful is it’s work­ing through the pri­vate hos­pi­tal sys­tems in In­dia, which are much more open to in­no­va­tions and new tech­nolo­gies. What does that strat­egy look like as the com­pany moves into mar­kets like Africa and the Mid­dle East? In some coun­tries, you have to work with the pub­lic sec­tor, be­cause there is not a de­vel­oped pri­vate sec­tor.

Jane Chen Co-founder of Em­brace In­no­va­tions, a San Francisco– based busi­ness that makes blan­ket-like in­cu­ba­tors for devel­op­ing mar­kets

If Sta­sis brought down the price by of­fer­ing its mon­i­tor for a yearly fee as op­posed to cus­tomers’ pay­ing a lot more up front, then that is a re­ally smart model for the In­dian mar­ket. One of the most ef­fec­tive strate­gies in In­dia is sell­ing prod­ucts like sham­poo or soap in small pack­ages. It is ac­tu­ally more ex­pen­sive per ounce. But peo­ple con­sume less of it, so they feel like they are pay­ing less. That makes it more palat­able, and peo­ple are will­ing to try it.

The sales process is more chal­leng­ing than you might think. And if Sta­sis hasn’t hired some­one to over­see its reg­u­la­tory af­fairs, it should do so soon. We did it fairly early, but we could have done it even ear­lier. It is some­thing you should build into the or­ga­ni­za­tion from the be­gin­ning.

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