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MILLEXZIAL • noun Ac­cord­ing to Deloitte, “the mo­bile con­sump­tion be­hav­iors of Gen­er­a­tion X (ages 35–51) now closely mir­ror those of Gen­er­a­tion Z (ages 14–20) and mil­len­ni­als (ages 21–34). We are calling this com­bined group … the MilleXZials.” I re­ally wish they WOuLd’NT. Source: Deloitte

LE 2-2-1 • noun The French term for a fam­ily-friendly work-life bal­ance: “Two nights where Mom gets home at 7:30, two oth­ers where it’s Dad, and one for the nanny.” And they in­vented crois­sants. What a coun­try! Source: @lau­ren­z­collins cit­ing L’Obs

DENSIFICATION • noun As in: Qatar Air­ways has “den­si­fied” some 777s by shrink­ing econ­omy seat widths from 18.5 inches to 17 inches. Soon board­ing passes will dou­ble as con­sent forms. Source: The In­de­pen­dent

PAWTERNITY LEAVE • noun Ac­cord­ing to Pet­plan, 5 per­cent of pet own­ers have been of­fered paid leave from their jobs to ad­just to an­i­mal own­er­ship. *Gets dog* … *Emails ed­i­tor* Source: Busi­ness In­sider

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