The Post-Wind­fall In­dex Card

Con­grat­u­la­tions! Your busi­ness has made you wildly wealthy. So what do you do next?


If you’re pa­tient and lucky and work hard at your busi­ness, one day you may find your­self fac­ing the ul­ti­mate priv­i­leged prob­lem: What do you do with all this money?

It’s a ques­tion I’ve been asked fre­quently since Inc. colum­nist He­laine Olen and I wrote a book about the fi­nan­cial ad­vice that can fit on an in­dex card. Now I hear from peo­ple lucky enough to have be­come mil­lion­aires—but who strug­gle to man­age the dilem­mas that ac­com­pany vis­i­ble suc­cess, in­clud­ing re­quests for fi­nan­cial help from friends and rel­a­tives, and of­fers of in­vest­ment op­por­tu­ni­ties.

All of my ad­vice to them fits on an in­dex card. If you’re sell­ing your busi­ness, tak­ing it pub­lic, or com­ing into some other busi­ness or per­sonal for­tune, this can help you, too.

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