How do you think about suc­ces­sion? You’ve said you don’t want to be run­ning your com­pany when you’re 65.

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If you’re hir­ing right, you’ll have the most am­bi­tious group of peo­ple in the world. They want to win. They want to suc­ceed. The ul­ti­mate suc­cess to many of them is be­com­ing CEO, so I think it’s im­por­tant that I tell peo­ple I’m not go­ing to stay in that job for­ever. With most of the firms in bank­ing that get into trou­ble, it’s be­cause they be­came stiff and didn’t change. I don’t know when this will hap­pen, but I want some­body to come in and say, “Yeah, this is all the stuff Ken screwed up.”

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