The Post-#MeToo Land­scape

“Oh, honey, your num­bers look great. Who did them for you?” Yes, it re­ally is that bad; our re­spon­dents re­port dis­mis­sive in­vestors, grop­ing en­gi­neers, and “just other bros in the in­dus­try be­ing gross.”

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“There were times that in­vestor meet­ings turned into un­wanted ‘dates.’ ”

“In­vestors don’t be­lieve that women of color in tech can build IPO busi­nesses, in part be­cause there are no ex­am­ples,” writes Ramona Ortega, founder of per­sonal fi­nance startup My Money My Fu­ture. “If they don’t see us suc­ceed­ing, it is hard to be­lieve we can.”


of women seek­ing fund­ing ex­pe­ri­enced bias dur­ing the fundrais­ing process.

How do fe­male founders han­dle ha­rass­ment?

Al­most none re­ported tak­ing any for­mal ac­tion. In­stead, most chose to end their pro­fes­sional re­la­tion­ships with the ha­rasser or to con­fide in peers.

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