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Tech­nol­ogy ad­vances em­power con­sumers and lead the way to bet­ter health

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In­no­va­tion has ad­vanced health­care in ways that we might only have dreamed of a few years ago. From wear­able tech that gives us re­al­time well­ness data, to per­sonal ge­netic test­ing, mil­lions of Amer­i­cans are get­ting on board.

In­no­va­tions like th­ese can em­power us to be more proac­tive in our health­care de­ci­sions, and that’s a good thing. Whether you’re an in­di­vid­ual or a small busi­ness owner look­ing to con­trol health­care costs, here’s how the fu­ture of health­care in­no­va­tion can work for you.

Ac­cess to Ex­pert Ad­vice:

Cloud com­put­ing is mak­ing in­for­ma­tion shar­ing eas­ier and giv­ing peo­ple ac­cess to med­i­cal care around the globe. “A med­i­cal di­ag­no­sis in Shang­hai to­day can be seen in Chicago tonight. Hos­pi­tals, doc­tors and physi­cians can in­stantly share in­for­ma­tion. This will change medicine for­ever,” says Keith Far­ley, di­rec­tor of in­no­va­tion and cus­tomer ex­pe­ri­ence at Aflac.

Small Busi­ness Ben­e­fits:

Ex­pert di­ag­noses—avail­able wher­ever your em­ploy­ees work—can help your team get well faster, and in some cases, even avoid more se­ri­ous com­pli­ca­tions.

The Sci-Fi Fac­tor:

3D print­ing is a cut­tingedge in­no­va­tion in health care to­day. Aflac’s 'ar­ley points out that 3D print­ing can be used to cre­ate pros­thet­ics, casts for bro­ken limbs, and some sci­en­tists

are now ex­per­i­ment­ing with 3D-print­ing or­gans.

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Let’s say an em­ployee’s child needs a pros­thetic hand— print­ing it at home could dras­ti­cally lower the cost. The In­ter­net of Things

has ush­ered in ac­cess to real-time sen­sor data. Wear­able tech makes it pos­si­ble to mon­i­tor health fac­tors such as our blood pres­sure and the amount of ex­er­cise we get. This helps con­sumers man­age health de­ci­sions proac­tively.


Wear­ables can mo­ti­vate em­ploy­ees to make pos­i­tive life­style choices—a friendly PGmDF DPNQFUJUJPO DBO IFMQ ZPVS UFBN reach their daily step goals—lead­ing to more pro­duc­tive and health­ier peo­ple.


Some of the big­gest ad­vances may come from in­no­va­tions un­re­lated to health­care. For ex­am­ple, smarter cars can help pre­vent ac­ci­dents and the re­sult­ing bro­ken bones and in­juries. i" TJHOJmDBOU BNPVOU PG "nBD T BDDJEFOU and hospi­tal claims come from car ac­ci­dents,” says Far­ley. “In­no­va­tions JO DBST USBGmD TBGFUZ BOE FWFO IBOET free driv­ing laws can go a long way in pre­vent­ing ac­ci­dents and in­juries from hap­pen­ing.”


Ac­ci­dent-free em­ploy­ees are a win-win for ev­ery­one!

In­no­vat­ing to make your small busi­ness bet­ter, to­day:

From a SmartClaim ® app to in­te­grated FOSPMMNFOU UFDIOPMPHZ "nBD PGGFST PVS small busi­ness clients tools to make work eas­ier, to­day.

Anita Camp­bell CEO, Small Busi­ness Trends LLC

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