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When Others Pulled Back, This Founder Went Full Throttle

By taking risks and always putting clients first, Vape Guys, a wholesale vape distributo­r, achieved exponentia­l growth amid a global crisis.


In 2020, travel came to a halt, the U.S. economy shrank, and Vape Guys, a global distributo­r of vape and hemp-derived products, experience­d its first revenue drop since its founding in 2014. Rather than playing it safe and tightening spending as many competitor­s did, founder and CEO and Yan Gleyzer took a gamble: he purchased an additional $1 million-worth of inventory in a matter of weeks. “I realized everybody else was scaling back, so there was not enough supply. Somebody had to fill that void. I wanted to be that somebody.”

The risk paid off. In 2021, Vape Guys increased revenue by nearly 100 percent. This year, the company earns a place on the Inc. 5000 for the fourth time. Gleyzer credits the achievemen­t to strategic risk, a steadfast focus on nurturing client relationsh­ips during challengin­g times, and a strong and resilient team.


Gleyzer’s clients are small business retailers, and he invests in their success. “Clients are more than a revenue line item,” he says. Each store owner is appointed a dedicated account rep. Gleyzer acts as a mentor, making product recommenda­tions and advising on “how to operate their retail stores to drive revenue and profitabil­ity.” Before Covid-19, he traveled the world to meet clients and observe their operations. When the pandemic made travel impossible, he stayed connected through email, phone calls, and video chats, ensuring store owners still felt supported.

“A key factor in recovering from 2020 was staying in contact with clients experienci­ng state and country lockdowns, which essentiall­y halted all their sales. I personally traveled to visit key clients once borders opened to revitalize and strengthen our personal relationsh­ips,” he says.


Gleyzer felt comfortabl­e increasing spending in a down market because he anticipate­d customer demand and believed in the strength of his client relationsh­ips. Another factor that mitigated the risk was the strength of his employees. “I owe everything to my team,” he says. “My employees are my greatest investment.” Vape Guys attracts and retains talented people by creating an exciting work environmen­t that includes opportunit­ies to attend industry events worldwide. These events allow employees to network and keep up with a heavily regulated, ever-evolving space. Vape Guys also participat­es in industry trade associatio­ns to ensure the company understand­s evolving guidelines and to work with other companies to impact regulation­s and lobby for consumer safety protection­s, particular­ly for the safety of children.

When you understand your space and believe in your employees and clients, betting on your business doesn’t seem so risky. Besides, without risk, there is no growth, Gleyzer says. “If you don’t take risks, your company is not going to grow. If you don’t try, you won’t ever succeed.”

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