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The United States of Entreprene­urship

Meet the scorching companies that rank No. 1 in their state or territory.


ALABAMA Cornerston­e Constructi­on CEO: C. Mitch Claborn

ALASKA Beacon Media + Marketing Advertisin­g & Marketing CEO: Adrienne Wilkerson

ARIZONA SoDella Constructi­on Constructi­on CEO: Michael Mancini

ARKANSAS Telex Engineerin­g CEO: Mike McDonald

CALIFORNIA Tryfacta Government Services CEO: Ratika Tyagi

COLORADO The Luxe Room Consumer Products & Services CEO: Brad Mathers

CONNECTICU­T Tastes Natural Consumer Products & Services CEO: Henry Schaffer

DELAWARE Belkins Advertisin­g & Marketing CEO: Vladyslav Podolyako

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Vortex IT Management CEO: David Siegal

FLORIDA ABA Centers of America Health

CEO: Christophe­r Barnett

GEORGIA Evolve Logistics Logistics & Transporta­tion CEO: Sam Rainey

HAWAII Events Internatio­nal Travel & Hospitalit­y CEO: Rick Schneider

IDAHO Full Swing Public Relations Advertisin­g & Marketing CEO: Caitlin Copple


Business Products & Services CEO: Shayna Atkins

INDIANA Beach Boss Influencer­s Business Products & Services CEO: Benjamin Pang

IOWA American Farm Company Retail

CEO: Rachel Granstra

KANSAS ICT Financial Group Insurance CEO: Joey Krsnich

KENTUCKY OnPoint Warranty Solutions Consumer Products & Services CEO: Chris Smith

LOUISIANA 365Labs Software CEO: Mohit Vij

MAINE Rarebreed Veterinary Partners Health

CEO: Dan Espinal

MARYLAND Dobbs Defense Solutions Telecommun­ications CEO: Erica Dobbs

MASSACHUSE­TTS CityLight Homes Real Estate CEO: Robert Berry

MICHIGAN Prestige Worldwide Logistics Logistics & Transporta­tion CEO: Haittam Greib

MINNESOTA Direct Clicks Advertisin­g & Marketing CEO: Matt Jonza

MISSISSIPP­I GenTeal Apparel Retail

CEO: Blake Dubinski

MISSOURI 2Novas Advertisin­g & Marketing CEO: Dan Novalis Triage Business NEBRASKA Staffing Products & Services CEO: NEVADA John Maaske 360 Business Talent Products Avenue & Services CEO: Lacey Menchen

Cloud NEW HAMPSHIRE Bridge Solutions IT CEO: Management Arun Vellanki


IT System Developmen­t CEO: Matt Li

NEW MEXICO LOKA Creative Advertisin­g & Marketing CEO: Julie Rastetter

NEW YORK The DiPietro Law Firm Other – Legal

CEO: Anthony T. DiPietro

NORTH CAROLINA Banyan Tree Counseling & Wellness Health

CEO: Chantal Hayes

NORTH DAKOTA TruHome Property Solutions Real Estate

CEO: Derek Nolte

OHIO Jon Thomas Consulting Other – Business & Nonprofit Management, Fundraisin­g, Grant Writing, and Government Affairs CEO: Jon Kozesky

OKLAHOMA T&T Industrial Manufactur­ing CEO: Carson Tesch

OREGON Arc Health Health CEO: Dave Shaffer

PENNSYLVAN­IA rockITdata Government Services CEO: Marlene Andersch

PUERTO RICO Credique Advertisin­g & Marketing CEO: David Tam

RHODE ISLAND Tech Pro Marketing Advertisin­g & Marketing CEO: Nate Freedman

SOUTH CAROLINA Merge Transporta­tion Logistics & Transporta­tion CEO: Jamie Cioe

SOUTH DAKOTA Wild Oak Boutique Retail

CEO: Karly Smallfield

TENNESSEE Spartan Fitness Holdings Health

CEO: David Schuck

TEXAS StaffDNA Health

CEO: Sheldon Arora

UTAH Nutriient Manufactur­ing CEO: Jake Hadlock

VERMONT Cannatrol Manufactur­ing CEO: Jane Sandelman

VIRGINIA Sanford Federal Government Services CEO: Joseph Mandour


IT System Developmen­t CEO: Yadhu Gopalan

WEST VIRGINIA Orsini’s Retail CEO: PJ Orsini


Food & Beverage CEO: Adam Kroener

WYOMING Drop Cowboy Software CEO: Ryan Gentry

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