On-de­mand Cof­fee De­liv­ery is Sil­i­con Val­ley’s New Trend

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This morn­ing, the cof­fee ar­rived with a text mes­sage from a guy named Scott, who works for the on-de­mand cof­fee de­liv­ery ser­vice for a mere fee of $3.

He might have gone to the Star­bucks at 8:00 am, got me a Caramel Mac­chi­ato, and left it out­side my door, with­out wak­ing me up. Scott was re­ally like a Santa, or like a re­ally good boyfriend. Be­fore I reached the door, af­ter get­ting the text, Scott - who works for Fetch Cof­fee, a D.c.-based on-de­mand cof­fee de­liv­ery ser­vice - was nowhere to be seen! He left a ther­mos, with my caf­feine fix, which to my sur­prise was still hot in­side, as promised. Af­ter hav­ing my morn­ing jolt, I just left the mys­te­ri­ous ther­mos by the door, as they said in the note, so that they can fetch it later.

This ex­pe­ri­ence was some­what creepy, but it was re­ally con­ve­nient. (As long as you want your cof­fee from Star­bucks, and you want it be­fore 10 a.m.)

Post­mates is an­other de­liv­ery ser­vice that makes or­der­ing a cof­fee as easy as it gets. All you need to do is open the app, se­lect your store from Star­bucks, Urth Caffe, Philz, Ground­work Cof­fee, Milk, Demi­tasse and much more on the list. Place your or­der on­de­mand for flat $2 and then sit back and wait for few min­utes.

The giants such as Star­bucks and Dunkin’ Donuts are also en­ter­ing the cof­fee de­liv­ery mar­ket, even when it is a lot more com­pli­cated. In 2015, Star­bucks came up with its Green Apron De­liv­ery as well as joined hands with the de­liv­ery ser­vice Post­mates for the cof­fee-lovers in Seat­tle, by or­der­ing through Star­bucks app. While Dunkin’ teamed up with Do­or­dash, a food de­liv­ery startup, to join the race of on­de­mand cof­fee de­liv­ery.

Of course, de­liv­ery isn’t a new thing. For decades, we’ve opened our doors for flow­ers, news­pa­pers, Chi­nese food, pizza, and singing tele­grams. But with cof­fee, tem­per­a­ture and time are two ma­jor con­straints, as cof­fee-lovers are very spe­cific about the how hot their cof­fee is and how good it tastes. Also, you may have to pay 40% more, just for the con­ve­nience that you get.

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