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The com­pany Ringly de­rived its name due to its first ever prod­uct which went on to be­come a suc­cess in the wear­able tech world. Ringly is con­sid­ered to be a pioneer when it comes to smart jew­elry. Its first in­no­va­tion was a smart ring whose suc­cess in­spired the com­pany to cre­ate more pieces of jew­elry based on the same con­cept. Af­ter the chunky ring comes the Ringly Luxe smart bracelet with the same semi-pre­cious stone and high qual­ity metal. And need­less to say, they are even more gor­geous than the smart rings. This bracelet range is dubbed as the Aries col­lec­tion by the com­pany.

The founder and CEO of Ringly, Christina Mer­can­dod’ Avi­gnon stated that the main thought be­hind the de­sign­ing of this smart bracelet was that even with­out the tech­ni­cal ad­van­tages, a cus­tomer would feel like own­ing this de­vice as a jew­elry piece well. This means that it not only comes with at­trac­tive fea­tures but with a de­sign you can’t re­sist buy­ing. Com­ing to the tech fea­tures of this pretty bracelet, like any other wear­able it buzzes you with no­ti­fi­ca­tions which you have se­lected as im­por­tant ones on the sync app on your smart­phone. The high­light is that the smart

bracelet is com­pat­i­ble with more than 200 apps. You are also given the op­tion to cus­tom­ize your no­ti­fi­ca­tions ac­cord­ingly. Such a fea­ture helps you avoid missing im­por­tant calls in case your phone is in your purse and also stop from giv­ing rise to em­bar­rass­ment by keep­ing your phone in your hand at all times. Ru­mors sug­gest that soon you will also be able to make mo­bile pay­ments from this gad­get. It also keeps a count on the phys­i­cal steps you take. Avail­able in gold, rose gold, and sil­ver, it starts at the price of $165.

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