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Universal Crossword



Break into, digitally

Drink served with a thick straw Antlered deer

Feel sore Corkscrew’s shape

Very, dramatical­ly “Don’t go!” Scotiabank ___ (Raptors’ home) Comical remark Airport transport Lovebirds’ sounds

“The Few. The Proud. The ___.” Island nation NW of Barbados Black wood Unknown, on a schedule: Abbr.

Hang downward Tough trek Musician Lena whose surname sounds like an instrument Scribbled message Fashion line? Faithful follower

Ink ___ (stamp target) 44

45 47 53 57

58 60 62 63

Mother tongue, in Franglais? Official tie of Texas

“That so?” Handshake, in Franglais? Soccer players protect them Attila or Bleda

Gives for a while

Collette of “Mafia Mamma” Messes up Executive’s outfit

Shortly, to Shakespear­e Up to

Latin for “bear” Labrador

Sea floater Substantia­l Royal pain 65

66 DOWN 1


3 4 5 6

7 8 9 10

Is down with Talent show performanc­e Cat cafe, in Franglais?

Its attachment­s jingle

Feeling related to guilt

2013 Joaquin Phoenix film Bitter beer Family

On the nose Short visit 11

12 13

21 23 25 26 27

28 29

32 35

Teaspoon, in Franglais? Donkey Came down with

“___ ideas?” Word before “guard” or “score” Breathable material

Far from incompeten­t Cook’s cooker

___ Domingo (Caribbean capital)

Tiny amount Did a sendup of

Facial feature that’s sometimes knitted Long-necked bird

Spinetingl­ing 39 40 42 43 46 49

50 51

52 55 56 59

Shops that may be kosher

Ford flop touted as the “car of the future” Bellyachin­g Gives the once-over Key of “Hotel California” Professor’s goal

Stood out in a good way Salesperso­n’s goal

Not suitable Shot in the dark

Sharpen Put-down E.R. imperative Something to chew on Sneaky

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