Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Universal Crossword



Tearable connection, briefly?


Disney movie with the song “How Far

I’ll Go”


“That is NOT happening!” Theater chain Words that break an awkward silence at a meeting Pirates’ playground­s “80 for Brady” actress Moreno “That’s enough out of you!” City near Stanford

Kylo ___ Practice boxing Confidenti­ality contracts, for short

Fuel for an Expedition Monarch who was the longestser­ving heir apparent in British history Brazilian soccer great “Get a move on!”

React to a jump scare Cookie with dedicated emojis in Microsoft Teams

What party hosts compile

Miles ___ hour Many profs’ degrees Regarding Belly

Where a broker makes you richer? Recap

Girl’s name often spelled with an “H” Reusable bottle brand “By the way ...”


March 4? Divide, as a deck of cards The ones over there Cooking fat Word used to decrypt a cipher +6>5

Let out ___ (show shock) Wash up on the beach Place to solve a crossword, perhaps Plaything Fingerprin­t feature

Arctic people in the novel “Sanaaq” Italian ice cream

“___, Baa, La La La!” (children’s book)

Birth announceme­nt units

Don Draper, for one

One may be proper or collective Start to freeze?

Pro vote Vietnamese New Year Reach, as new heights Singer Guthrie

2023 Grammy winner Bonnie

Talk trash about Suddenly loses attraction, in slang Accurate, unfortunat­ely Dates


Lucky number in Chinese culture ___ finder Prim Computer scientist Turing Lengua de Lima

Black holes for observatio­n? Zest

Smell that may be therapeuti­c Word after “spring” or “sparkling” Devoutness Sun, in Spain Fathom or foot

SAT section Stitch together

Last letter of 57-Down One may be tight or defensive

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