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Kathryn New­ton ♥ Alexa Chung


KATHRYNNEW­TON: I’m such a fan, Alexa. I’m film­ing a movie, De­tec­tive Pikachu, and we based my char­ac­ter’s look on yours. How would you de­scribe your vibe? ALEX­ACHUNG: Oh, that’s so nice! I’m do­ing my fall col­lec­tion right now, and ev­ery­thing is play­ful. For me, it’s about tak­ing some­thing clas­sic and twist­ing it so it’s hu­mor­ous or know­ing. KN: When I wear your pieces, I kind of feel like Mick Jag­ger. AC: I al­ways say the goal is to look like you could be in a band or, at the very least, shag­ging some­one in a band. KN: Ha! It’s a good day when you walk out­side look­ing like a rock star. I’m in Lon­don, so I’ve been re­ally into coats lately. AC: When I’m strug­gling with the weather and heavy coats, I al­ways feel a bit more chic when I put on, like, big, mas­sive ear­rings. KN: I’m tak­ing notes. I’m into the ugly-sneaker trend lately too. It re­minds me of my char­ac­ter Dar­lene in­lady Bird. AC: I’ve never re­ally been a sneaker girl, ex­cept for Su­per­gas. I just did a col­lab­o­ra­tion with them rein­ter­pret­ing their train­ers in fun col­ors and fab­rics like silk. I’ll send you a pair. KN: That would be amaz­ing! What do you wear them with? AC: I like them with some­thing un­ex­pected, like an evening dress. I can never com­mit to be­ing dressed up or dressed down. KN: What’s the se­cret to look­ing nice but not like you’re try­ing? AC: It’s more about your at­ti­tude. I’ll wear an in­cred­i­ble Chanel cou­ture out­fit but end up in a bar at 3a.m. eat­ing a burger. KN: I get that—af­ter thethree Bill­board­sout­side Ebbing, Mis­souri pre­mière, I went to Mcdon­ald’s in my Valentino gown [ laughs]. AC: I love Valentino. I once wore a cou­ture look [above, right] that was so lovely, they flew some­one out to make sure I didn’t spill on it. KN: My fa­vorite was a blue Valentino dress [top, left]. One of the petals fell off, and I still carry it around in my back­pack. AC: Love that. You know, when I think back on my first red car­pets, the one thing I re­gret is not fully em­brac­ing feel­ing beau­ti­ful. I’d al­ways kick against it like, “I don’t want to look like I dressed up for this.” Now I think it’s nice to re­ally go for it. KN: Last thing: I’m turn­ing 21. What do I wear to my birth­day? AC: That’s a big one! For my 30th, I bought a Saint Lau­rent suit by Hedi Sli­mane. My goal was to wake up in that suit with a Cham­pagne glass in my hand, and it hap­pened! Al­ways aim for the out­fit you’ll want to wake up in.



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