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Hari Nef’s phi­los­o­phy

What’s your beauty phi­los­o­phy? I think once you place a def­i­ni­tion on beauty, you set your­self up to fail. The cliché about beauty com­ing from within works be­cause the peo­ple I find most beau­ti­ful don’t look alike. They look the way they want to look—uniquely them­selves. They’re peo­ple who can de­scribe their style in five words that no one else can use to de­scribe theirs. That doesn’t come from fol­low­ing the beauty rule book; it comes from learn­ing how to write your own book. At what point in life did you learn to em­brace your unique­ness? I’m still fig­ur­ing it out. I’m 25, and I’m hit­ting the place where I’m like, “You’ve been want­ing to look a cer­tain way for a decade, and you don’t look that way yet, so is there some­thing wrong with the pres­sure you’re putting on your­self? If I’m twist­ing and turn­ing to fit this ideal, do I re­ally want to be around the peo­ple who make me feel like I need to fit a stan­dard?” If you want to live your life in agony, then, by all means, chase beauty ideals to your heart’s con­tent. I just want to wake up and feel healthy. That’s kind of where I’m at. Any fea­tures you had to grow to love? Def­i­nitely my nose. I also have a chicken pox scar next to my nose that I’ve had for as long as I can re­mem­ber. I think it adds char­ac­ter to my face. What’s your typ­i­cal beauty rou­tine like? I’m still sort of ex­plor­ing what my rou­tine is be­cause no sooner than I lock it down, I’m in a makeup chair on a shoot and some­body’s whis­per­ing in my ear about a new prod­uct. In gen­eral, I mois­tur­ize with serums and al­ways keep my lips hy­drated with balm. I’m an un­nat­u­ral blonde, and my col­orist tells me to wash my hair as lit­tle as pos­si­ble us­ing cream-based sham­poos, no as­trin­gents. I also avoid makeup for as long as I can to let my skin breathe. Let’s talk about Gucci Bloom Ac­qua di Fiori. You’re a face of the cam­paign. What do you like about the new scent? It’s less purely flo­ral, less purely fem­i­nine than the orig­i­nal Gucci Bloom. It has greener tones that make it veer into a slightly more mas­cu­line di­rec­tion, which I like be­cause some days I want to smell like a flower and some days I want to smell like the grass. It’s all about op­tions at the end of the day, and that is so Gucci.

What ad­vice would you give to your younger self?

De­spite the fact that peo­ple say life is short, life is so long, and there is time. There’s time to do ev­ery­thing you’re rac­ing to the fin­ish line to get done. Stay on your grind, girl. Be young, get some sleep, and be messy.

—KAHLANA BARFIELD BROWN “If you want to live your life in agony, then, by all means, chase beauty ideals to your heart’s con­tent.”

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