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THIS STAR MANICURIST has two rules to paint by: The first is in­vest­ing in sep­a­rate top and base coats. “The prob­lem with an all-in-one is that it works— ish ... ,” he says. “A base should be a lit­tle flex­i­ble, be­cause it al­lows the color to be more re­silient. The top should be thicker.” And when lay­er­ing two col­ors, “put on the darker one first and leave a tiny mar­gin around the nail; give it a minute, then over­lap it com­pletely with the lighter color. That way you don’t get a dark line around your nail.”

“I al­ways go back to red; it looks good on ev­ery­one.” His ul­ti­mates? This bright candy shade and deep, sexy bordeaux. Bachik sweeps nails clean be­fore ap­ply­ing his color du jour. A cur­rent fave is this new glit­ter­ing hue. The disco vibe in­spired client Se­lena Gomez to get dressed up and go roller­skat­ing, he says. “I’ve been a fan of Chanel’s Vamp since be­fore I did nails. It’s still re­quested by clients.” For per­fect re­sults, he cleans cu­ti­cles with an ace­tone­soaked brush.

OPI Nail Lac­quer in Malaga Wine and Big Ap­ple Red (bot­tom), $11 each;

OPI Nail Lac­quer in This Changes Ev­ery­thing!, $11; Iconic Lon­don Evo Black Soft Touch Sculpt­ing Brush, $47; icon­i­clon­don­

Bachik with Heidi Klum

Chanel Le Ver­nis in Vamp, $28; chanel .com. MAC 242 Shader Brush, $25; mac cos­met­ics .com.

Bachik putting on the glitz

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