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For the ac­tress, beauty goes beyond what you can buy

Isn’t it true that every­body says in or­der to stay fit you have to sleep more, drink wa­ter, ex­er­cise, and make sure you’re get­ting reg­u­lar check­ups? We all know what to do. But that’s con­tent in­side a larger frame­work, and for me, that’s what’s im­por­tant to talk about. There’s a res­o­nance within us that, when we’re lis­ten­ing, makes us be­come our au­then­tic selves. It’s about get­ting quiet enough in­side and lis­ten­ing—not with your in­tel­lect so much but with your heart. When the HIV/AIDS cri­sis hap­pened in the early ’80s, there was a res­o­nance for me. Peo­ple I loved, whom I con­sid­ered my fam­ily, were be­ing treated badly and dy­ing. I knew I wanted to speak out. So I did. There have also been roles that I’ve turned down be­cause they didn’t res­onate with me. But in 1999 I was of­fered a part in a play called Wit for which I had to shave my head. I hadn’t been on­stage in 22 years. I didn’t want to do it. Then I went, “Wait a minute, if I’m on my deathbed and I don’t do this be­cause I’m too afraid, am I go­ing to re­gret it?” The an­swer un­der­neath it all was yes. Yes, I would re­gret it.

Every­body can feel off-bal­ance some­times. We get caught up in things that feel so im­por­tant. What I do is take time ev­ery morn­ing to med­i­tate. I have dif­fer­ent mantras, like the Reiki ideals: “Just for to­day, do not anger. Do not worry, and be filled with grat­i­tude. De­vote your­self to your work. Be kind to peo­ple.” There’s no reg­i­men—you say it as many times as works for you. And you can say it through­out the day if you want. There’s also a yoga breath­ing ex­er­cise that is re­ally help­ful. The idea is to slow your breath­ing down. Breathe in for 20 sec­onds, hold it for 20 sec­onds, let it out for 20 sec­onds, and do that for five min­utes. It will change your brain state. I’ll also take a walk or sit in a park; those are things that help get me out­side my­self.

Life is un­cer­tain, and that’s scary. We seek to con­trol things so that we feel more cer­tain. But when we stand out­side our­selves and ob­serve some­thing and ask, “Am I do­ing what res­onates for me? Am I be­ing the per­son I want to be?” then there’s a know­ing. Look­ing at that is what will bring you beauty. Be­cause I can give you ev­ery beauty tip I have, but that is what will bring you no re­grets.


Light can be seen in Trans­par­ent, re­turn­ing to Ama­zon this fall.

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