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Zen­daya re­veals how she gets that glow

Ru­mor has it that you some­times do your own hair and makeup for the red car­pet. True? It is true. More so with makeup. It’s al­ways been a kind of hobby for me. Makeup is an ex­per­i­men­tal thing. You can lit­er­ally wipe it off. I’m not go­ing to have this mul­let forever—[the wig] will come off when I get home. I’ve made my mis­takes. I’ve had ques­tion­able mo­ments. But it’s al­ways about the free­dom of ex­pres­sion.

So you don’t be­lieve in beauty re­grets? You’ve just got to own it, you know? Though I’m thank­ful I was never al­lowed

to get my eye­brows done when thin brows were pop­pin’. Once I started car­ing about mine, I al­ways wanted them to be big. I re­mem­ber the day be­fore sev­enth grade started, I was go­ing to get my brows done. I left the place with one eye­brow more square and one more round. They looked su­perthin, and my heart was bro­ken. I cried, which is so dra­matic, but it was the day be­fore sev­enth grade. That’s a big deal! And I was pissed be­cause my 13th birth­day was com­ing up. I was like, “Mom! The lady took off my eye­brows!” She said, “They grow back, Zen­daya. Re­lax.” But I was not want­ing to lis­ten.

Can we talk about your skin? You’re prac­ti­cally glow­ing in

your self­ies. It’s all about the sun. Get in front of it and let the rays hit you. That and also be heav­ily mois­tur­ized.

And how do you keep your skin fresh in real life? Wear­ing SPF is No. 1. Every­body, wear your SPF! And I find it ther­a­peu­tic to give my­self a fa­cial and do all those ex­tra steps: cleans­ing; cleans­ing with an­other cleanser; ton­ing with, like, eight dif­fer­ent things; then a spray; a sheet mask; a clay mask. It’s a lit­tle self-care.

The term “self-care” gets tossed around a lot lately. How do you de­fine it? Ev­ery­one has their own thing, like a form of meditation or what­ever. Me, I find it very hard to just sit there and clear my brain. Peo­ple say I’m crazy, but I watch Harry Pot­ter, like, once a day. It’s just calm­ing to me, so that’s my thing. Peo­ple are like, “Oh my god, Harry Pot­ter again?” I say, “Don’t come over to my house if you don’t want to watch it, be­cause it’s go­ing to be on.”

You re­cently moved into a new home. Are you in a nest­ing phase right now? Yeah. Peo­ple will ask me, “Oh, do you want to go on va­ca­tion and re­lax?” No! I don’t want to get on an­other plane. I just want to stay in my house. It’s nice to have your own space and con­trol the en­ergy that comes in and out. I’m all about light­ing and the es­sen­tial oils in the air. I also spent the last few days or­ga­niz­ing my makeup. I’m in this [mo­ment] where ev­ery­thing should have a place. All my Lancôme lip­sticks are lined up in this lit­tle lip­stick holder with all the [caps] fac­ing up—they’re su­per­cute.

It’s been so fun to watch you come into your own on the red car­pet. Has con­fi­dence ever been an is­sue for you? Con­fi­dence takes time. A lot of peo­ple would be like, “Why don’t you just love your­self?” or “Why don’t you just feel bet­ter?” That stuff is much eas­ier said than done. Grow­ing to un­der­stand and ap­pre­ci­ate your­self takes time. And we’re all fig­ur­ing it out. My mom did it at 50. I call it her but­ter­fly mo­ment. She be­came con­fi­dent and got more in touch with who she was at 50. It can hap­pen at any point in your life. Just don’t rush that process. Let your­self feel things and know it’s OK to be a lit­tle slower than oth­ers.

I’m very par­tic­u­lar about smells. I like that this fra­grance smells fresh and light. If this passes my test, it must be good!”

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