Linda Besse

Wash­ing­ton, USA, Fortress, oil, 33 x 24" (84 x 61 cm)

International Artist - - Art Challenge -

My In­spi­ra­tion

The kop­jes of the Serengeti cre­ate wa­ter and shel­ter oases on the African plains. They are also a per­fect spot for lions to rest in the shade and still keep watch on po­ten­tial prey.

My De­sign Strat­egy

To cre­ate a more dra­matic set­ting and por­tray the height of the rock out­crop­pings on the African plains, I thought a ver­ti­cal for­mat would work best. The low­est part of the rocks shows the rounded na­ture of the kop­jes and leads the viewer’s eyes up to the lions. It also gives one a sense of ac­cess—where you or the lions could climb up. In the up­per left, the stran­gler fig tree, com­mon to these rem­nant rocks, pro­vides shade and makes the dap­pled last light of the day on the male lion’s mane ap­pear brighter.

My Work­ing Process

After draw­ing on the ges­soed board, most of my paint­ings be­gin top to bot­tom, back­ground to fore­ground, sav­ing my fa­vorite parts, the an­i­mals, for last. I work wet-on-wet, which was par­tic­u­larly ef­fec­tive for the rock de­tails and the fig tree. Once the lions were fin­ished, I com­pleted the paint­ing by go­ing back in to the fig tree to add some of the warm color of the lions to the dap­pled sun­light on the tree and by soft­en­ing the low­est veg­e­ta­tion so the fo­cus would re­main on the up­per parts of the paint­ing.

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