International Artist - - Call For Entries -

• Set your cam­era to the high­est qual­ity avail­able.

• Shoot your paint­ings dead square on and fill the frame as much as pos­si­ble. We can crop out ev­ery­thing else.

• Take your paint­ings out­side and pho­to­graph them in the shade. In­door light­ing can cre­ate un­pleas­ant or­ange or blue color casts.

• To en­sure crisp pic­tures, use a tri­pod. • Turn the date off!!

• Rather than look through the dis­play screen when shoot­ing your dig­i­tal pic­tures, use the viewfinder be­cause there is less like­li­hood of the cam­era mov­ing and creat­ing a fuzzy pic­ture.

• Make sure no clips or easel clamps in­trude into the paint­ing, and that frames don’t cast shad­ows that fall onto the paint­ing. • Then print out your en­tries on pho­to­graphic qual­ity pa­per no smaller than 8 x 5" (20 x 13 cm) size. (Some pa­pers have a yel­low tint, which im­pacts on the fin­ished re­sult. If you are un­sure, it might be best to take your photo files to your lo­cal dig­i­tal pho­to­lab.)

• The full- color prints must be crisp and sharp, not jagged or bitmapped, and you must be happy with the color.

Please note that un­der no cir­cum­stances will any im­age sup­plied as a dig­i­tal file on CD be ac­cepted. Dig­i­tal files/images must be en­tered on­line.

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