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Gratitude expressed for support during fire


I wish to thank all my staff, Tri-County Fairground­s (Jen Mcguire), friends, clients, first responders and veterinari­ans who responded to the fire Oct. 21, 2022, close to the Millpond Equestrian Center. Over 50 trucks and trailers driven by members of our great community responded to this emergency. One compelling example was several schoolgirl­s went into every corral and the big community pens and placed halters and lead ropes on all the horses so that catching and loading them up would be very easy. Most fortunatel­y only 20 horses were evacuated to the Tri-County Fairground­s because the area fire-fighting assets effectivel­y slowed the fire down. These in addition to the helicopter­s, Cal Fire fighters (some of them from the local prison camp), Bishop firefighte­rs and Fire Chief Joe Dell managed to get the fire under control at about 50 acres.

What a great community. This could only happen here in Bishop.

Thank you so much!

Hilke Ungesma

Millpond Equestrian Center

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