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Nobody promised you a rose garden

- By Rev. Dr. Walt Sharer

Perhaps you may have the wrong idea about how life will be after you have accepted all the tenants of your religion or faith. Well, rest assured, life will continue to express itself whether you have mortgaged your happiness towards an afterlife or not. Jesus said, “It is done unto you as you believe.” Your belief sets the wheels of expression going towards manifestat­ion right now. There is no waiting or pondering. When the demonstrat­ion takes place is not in your hands, but God’s. It has been said that the wheels of justice grind very slowly. Well, we could say the same thing about spiritual law, but many times we have an instantane­ous demonstrat­ion. Like the old boy scout motto, we must be prepared to receive the results of our belief.

The emphasis on belief and law is vitally important as we attempt to navigate our way to a full and satisfying life. A movie screen does not discrimina­te between good or bad movies. Likewise with life, it expresses what you give it. A life filled with pessimism, rejection and misery could be considered successful, in that the life lived has fulfilled the beliefs of the individual. You might say that nobody in their right mind would seek that kind of life. Well, you are right. People in that frame of mind, are not in their right mind. It is time to come out of the dark ages of thought awareness and take charge of what we are putting into our minds

Madison Avenue puts a lot of money towards influencin­g what you will purchase, politician­s’ campaign to get your vote, and Dale Carnegie wrote, “How to win Friends and Influence People,” however, you are in charge of the input to your mind. Ernest Holmes tells us to not look, listen, or speak about that which we don’t want in our life. That doesn’t mean we turn from zombie movies to mushy love stories. Something in between would be better. That may seem like a difficult task, but I assure you it is well worth the effort.

While God is expressing through you, as you, God is also expressing through everyone else, as them. Others are a mirror to our beliefs and attitudes about life, and as such they should be treated with respect for their role in your life. Through them you can love with impunity. If you don’t already love everybody, it is time to start. As you love you will be loved. It is the law of your being.

It is true that nobody promised you a rose garden, but you can avoid the thorns if you permit life to flow in a wholesome and loving way. Say to yourself, “God is all, in all, through me, as me. Goodness, Truth, and Beauty is my only goal and motivation. Thoughts of lack, limitation, and loss have no place in my consciousn­ess. I permit my love to flow to all, knowing love returns to me in kind.

God is Love and Loving You Right Now!

(The Rev. Dr. Walt Sharer is minister at Bishop Church of Religious Science, located at 129 E. Line St., Bishop. Rev. Freda Lindsay and Rev. Walt officiate the weekly, Sunday services at 10 a.m. You can hear Rev. Walt’s message on “The Devotional Hour” on Sierra Wave KSRW 92.5 FM Sunday mornings at 8:30 a.m. The church can be reached at (760) 873-4195 for more informatio­n.)

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