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It doesn’t add up No. 3


Day 1 President Biden cancels the Keystone pipeline. Today the same president says oil and gas companies should take some of their huge profits and “ramp up production”... A few weeks ago, this same leader of the free world said that inflation “only went up 1 inch,” while your 401k went down 1/3rd of a mile? The DHS secretary and the VP say the border is secure, yet enough fentanyl has been smuggled in through our “secure” border to kill millions of American citizens. Defund the police was the rallying cry for the Left, now crime is up EVERYWHERE because the “Republican­s” opposed their legislatio­n. Higher capacity magazines in guns kill people? So let’s let violent criminals out of jail so they can attack us with Uzi-style gangster guns, and we can defend ourselves with a single shot? Sanctuary cities don’t want people that need sanctuary, send them to the suburbs or let the little overwhelme­d towns in Texas deal with their Martha’s Vineyard NIMBY mentality. Consistent­ly attack the former president and completely ignore evidence of corruption from the current one and his family. Commission a January 6th TV show during an election season with 2 RINO talking heads reading from teleprompt­ers and no real legitimacy based on their own charter, piece together a slickly produced narrative and then blame their “Mega Maga” and “white supremacis­t” soundbites as the ultimate attack on democracy. IT DOESN’T ADD UP.

Mark Vincent Bishop

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