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Opportunit­ies for improvemen­t can come in seemingly unpleasant forms with names like “interrupti­on” or “problem.” And so it goes with the Aquarius moon, who chides the sun, taunts Venus, bothers Uranus and crowds Saturn, all to suggest there’s something worthwhile to be tackled here! Indeed, the bother will bring benefit.

ARIES (March 19). TAURUS 20). GEMINI 21). CANCER 22). LEO (May (June (July 21-April

Many will share a moment, but none will get the same experience of it. Everyone around you will observe something different. Speak your memories, compare notes and discover what others found interestin­g.

(April 20-May

Worrying alone does not solve problems, but that’s not to say worrying is a useless response. It’s the message that tells you there’s something to be done. Strategize and decide your next action.


When everyone does the assigned job, things go smoothly. The trouble occurs when jobs haven’t been assigned. A strong leader is needed to know which job should be assigned to whom. That leader is you.


There’s an inherent awkwardnes­s in exits. Then again, sticking around past the end of the party is equally, if not more, egregious. Today, you’ll sense the denouement and get out while the getting is good.

23-Aug. 22).

The winning move will be one that is pleasantly persistent. The consistenc­y of tone earns trust, and the establishe­d pattern primes everyone for what’s sure to happen – that is to say, you’ll eventually get what you want.

VIRGO 22). LIBRA 23). (Aug. (Sept. SCORPIO 21). (Oct. SAGITTARIU­S 22-Dec. 21). CAPRICORN 22-Jan. 19). 23-Sept.

You’ll be in another one of your curious moods, eager to learn about things around you and beyond. Being wonder-struck is one of your favorite states of mind. Keep going until you arrive there.


Something amazing about you is your ability to see ahead and act in accordance with, in today’s case, a very accurate prediction. You’ll think about the ripple before you throw the stone.


The first time you try to open a lock, uncertaint­y could make things difficult. But after you know the key works, it’s easy. Belief makes things easy. Today, make things easier by believing before you technicall­y know.


Chasing life’s big quandaries will lead to roundabout movements. You may go far and wide to get to the gem that’s been in your pocket all along – as good an excuse for travel as any.


When someone reaches out, you’ll take it seriously. You’re in a position to help those who need and are open to your assistance. As for those who don’t want help, there’s nothing more than imposing input.



AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18).

It’s an excellent time for cleaning, going through old texts, emails and pictures and other ways of clearing the decks. You’ll be surprised by the memories you touch on and the energy you free up in this process.

(Feb. 19-March

It is impossible to fully understand your own work by yourself. You need to see how the world responds and interacts with it. Other people will be your mirror. They will provide the contrast that helps you see yourself better.


You are a star at staying aware and responding quickly. This specialty seems simple and common, but it is neither. It will help you excel in dozens of situations, and you will seem at times superhuman in your embodiment of keen observatio­n. A year-end windfall is just one of many gifts coming to you. Taurus and Cancer adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 3, 30, 2, 22 and 17.


Penn Badgley started his Hollywood journey doing voice work for video games. From the TV drama “Gossip Girl” to the crime thriller “You,” Badgley sizzles up the screen with the scorpion’s gift for intrigue. Badgley has Mars in philanthro­pic Aquarius. He makes charitable work a priority in his life and has been made a member of the National Celebrity Cabinet by the American Red Cross.

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