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Voters nix online gambling, support abortion rights

Inyo results mirror statewide vote

- By Jon Klusmire Register Correspond­ent

California voters have approved ballot questions that affirm abortion rights and provide more money for school art and music programs, and rejected by wide margins two ballot questions that would have expanded online sports gambling in the state and also blocked a new tax to fund electric vehicle subsidies and other “clean air” measures.

Based on early, preliminar­y returns, Inyo County voters moved in lockstep with the rest of the state on all seven ballot questions.

Unlike previous years, the preliminar­y statewide returns showed clear winners and losers by wide margins when it came to the seven ballot questions. The following is an overview of the results as of Wednesday morning.

Propositio­n 1: Constituti­onal right to reproducti­ve freedom.

Voters approved this measure, which will enshrine in the state constituti­on current California laws that provide every person the fundamenta­l right to choose to have an abortion and the right to choose or refuse contracept­ives.

Statewide: Yes, 65%;

No, 35%

Inyo County: Yes, 60%;

No 40%

Propositio­n 26: In-person sports betting and allowing roulette and dice games at 66 current tribal casinos. Voters soundly rejected this effort to expand gambling.

Statewide: Yes, 30%;

No, 70%

Inyo County: Yes, 27%;

No 73%

Propositio­n 27: Online and mobile sports wagering outside tribal lands.

By a large margin, voters also defeated this measure, which would have allowed online sports betting using any computer or mobile device anywhere in California. Companies would partner with federally recognized Indian tribes to offer the online sports betting.

Statewide: Yes, 17%;

No, 83%

Inyo County: Yes, 13%;

No 87%

Propositio­n 28: Additional funding for arts and music education in public schools.

This funding measure won voter approval by a wide margin. It mandates the state provide up to $1 billion a year to public and private schools to implement or enhance funding for art and music education in grades K-12. The funding would come from the state General Fund and could not replace current school funding.

Statewide: Yes, 62%;

No, 38%

Inyo County: Yes, 58%;

No 42%

Propositio­n 29: On-site licensed medical profession­al at kidney dialysis clinics and other requiremen­ts.

For the third time, voters handily rejected this third attempt to gain voter approval to increase medical staff (doctors and nurse practition­ers) in dialysis clinics in California.

Statewide: Yes, 30%;

No, 70%

Inyo County: Yes, 23%;

No 77%

Propositio­n 30: Funding for programs to reduce air pollution and prevent wildfires by increasing tax on personal incomes over $2 million.

In a bit of a surprise, this measure did not carry the state, which is famous for taxing high-income residents and efforts to reduce global warming emissions. The measure would have imposed a 1.75% tax increase on personal incomes of more than $2 million with the billions raised going to incentives to buy electric cars, build charging stations and provide funding to fight wildfires.

Statewide: Yes, 41%; No, 59%

Inyo County: Yes, 37%;

No 63%

Propositio­n 31:

Prohibit the retail sale of certain flavored tobacco products.

Voters backed this effort to ban flavored cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vapes, chewing tobacco and snuff.

Statewide: Yes, 62%;

No, 38%

Inyo County: Yes, 59%;

No 41%

For the latest vote totals, check the California Secretary of State’s website at

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