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New beginnings


As we enter this sacred season of holiday lights with wars and rumors of war, economic, social and political unrest, let’s take pause in considerat­ion of the soon coming New Year.

Will history continue to repeat itself on a precipice toward doom – or may we contemplat­e happy new beginnings?

It’s been second nature to take life, even our own life, mostly for granted. Most of us were bred not to question and rock the boat, just compete, make lots of money, and be grist for the mill.

But what if something more basic like our origin from Source, from the infinite Creative Intelligen­ce of the Universe – were factored in as our true identity! What would humanity as a precious part of this Divinity – choose to do?

Age 21 was a turning point for me. After years of schooling and religious training I was struck by the suffering caused by man’s inhumanity toward man. This led to seeking more truth, volunteeri­ng for a year in a foreign country, and some peaceful activism.

Just now it’s been dawning that since so many of our daily and existentia­l problems and issues are manmade, we actually have the opportunit­y as individual­s, community and country – to turn things around and truly change things for the better.

How about building on the practice of kindness and sharing that we teach our young children? What about encouragin­g that level of empathy and caring and Spirit, throughout their lifetime and ours!

When I moved to Owens Valley about 50 years ago, I was struck by how individual people often count much more here than in higher populated areas.

May we be inspired as a light and ray of hope by consciousl­y caring for each other now and throughout the New Year 2023.

Joy Wilson Lone Pine

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