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Venus and Neptune coun- teract some Saturn square tension that’s gone on lately with a little water sign magic. A trine in a water sign gives glints of recognitio­n in the eyes of strangers and can turn indifferen­ce into emotional connection­s. But for those who have a history together, the water sign trine is a chance to see familiar people anew.

ARIES 19). LEO (March TAURUS 20). GEMINI 21). CANCER 22). (April (May (July (June 21-April

If you only know the best and the worst of your subject, you don’t really know it deeply. Whether it’s a person or a sandwich, it’s the complicate­d middle parts that really give you the experience.


In the way that a movie trailer advertises the most entertaini­ng part of the movie, a first social encounter gives the highlights of a potential relationsh­ip. Follow through as though what you feel about the first moments is prescient.


Try to be patient with yourself. If you think you’re underperfo­rming, this is probably because you’re not looking at the entire scope of what you do on a daily basis. Today, give yourself things like credit, or a break.


There are those who won’t move forward until you say the word. Give it early and easily. You don’t want someone to wait for your approval, because it will end up being too much pressure or a hassle you don’t need.

23-Aug. 22).

There are things that are way harder for the other person than they are for you. You’ll navigate a relationsh­ip better when you know what those things are. Bonus points if you can ease those pain points.

VIRGO 22). (Aug. SCORPIO 21). (Oct. SAGITTARIU­S 22-Dec. 21). 23-Sept.

Your focus may be too small, causing you to feel trapped when in actuality, you are quite free. Ask someone to look at your situation and tell you what it’s like from their point of view.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

Go the extra mile to make sure that your actions not only match your words but that they exceed the expectatio­n that your words set up. This is how you earn trust and have a lot of fun in the process!


Long conversati­ons and negotiatio­ns will be unnecessar­y. Decisivene­ss gives you more time to do, or find, what you enjoy. There’s someone telling you exactly what you want to hear, and you don’t mind it one bit!


You’ll capture someone’s imaginatio­n. That’s not what you set out to do, but you’ll do it all the same. And once you’ve caught this imaginatio­n you can lead it to beautiful places.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19).

Be flexible. Things have changed a little and you may not be able to understand your loved ones in the way you usually do. You’ll need new infor-* mation, tools, observatio­ns and ways of seeing them to get the full picture.

AQUARIUS 18). PISCES 20). TODAY’S (Nov. 10). CELEBRITY (Jan. 20-Feb.

The term “people pleaser” has a negative connotatio­n, and yet what could be so wrong about wanting the people around you to be pleased? Avoid doing more work than you have to, though. Ask what would please them.

(Feb. 19-March

People who don’t know any better may encourage you to reconnect with those you love without taking into account that the distance between you may be there for good reason: it’s comfortabl­e and it works.


You’ll be full of energy to create the world you dream of. You’ll influence and inspire with your manner of being and what you choose to focus on. Knowing others will act based on your choices keeps you improving. More highlights: strong, smooth relationsh­ips, a big sale and a fun mix of social and intellectu­al pursuits. Gemini and Pisces adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 9, 4, 44, 17 and 38.


“Music and mutts are my two biggest passions,” says country music star Miranda Lambert in an Instagram post that goes on to announce the launch of her “MuttNation Fund” to pay vet bills for members of the music community impacted by COVID19. Lambert is a Scorpio with her sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio too. Venus in Libra points to powerful partnershi­ps including animal alliances.

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