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Thanking veterans


In reading Philip Severi’s article on the Religion page in Saturday’s paper, Nov. 12, I’m left with just one question. If Mr. Severi is so upset by people thanking him for his service, why does he wear a hat that identifies him as a veteran or wear or say anything else he might do that would let people know he is a veteran? My late husband was a veteran and he appreciate­d when someone thanked him for his service, he did not try to determine what the person’s motivation was to make such a statement. If we were to carry Mr. Severi’s thought process in all walks of our lives I guess we would just have to stop speaking to anyone for fear we might be offending them.

It was my late husband’s dream to retire to the Owens Valley & we did just that in 1989, he passed away in January of 2017.

Becky Hurdle Bishop

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