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Freedom now


Grampa would tell a story that if everybody took all their troubles and put them in a sack and placed the sacks in the center of a large room, we’d each come back and pick up our own bag of troubles.

Something about our burdens seems to stick to us.

The mind goes on and on repeating these troublesom­e things often to no avail. Ego goes after past painful memories and to negative future projection­s, and fear takes over. Present time where life is pulsating and effervesce­nt with newness – tends to get lost in the shuffle.

With most of us glued to our cellphones, avoiding eye-to-eye, soul and heart-to-heart contact, it’s no wonder that creativity, new solutions and the best in life – may be eluding us.

If the truth be known and wisdom speaks, there is a better way. Mind and ego are afraid of love, afraid of trust. Mind is very much afraid of anything to do with the heart because when we let our heart take over, the mind’s false mastery is gone and freedom comes in.

Yes, our true home is the heart even though culture and society would stress materialis­m and greed.

When we courageous­ly choose to escape from slavery to the mind and come from our heart, this can be the greatest and most beautiful and revolution­ary endeavor.

It can transform our world from loneliness, polarizati­on and suffering into a friendly and hospitable, loving and caring place.

May it begin with you and me!.

Joy Wilson Lone Pine

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