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Sling­shot (Free) Face­book's hot new Sling­shot app al­lows users to quickly share pho­tos or videos de­pict­ing their day by “sling­ing” them at friends and fam­ily. Like with Snapchat, the mes­sage isn't per­ma­nent—you'll swipe it away into cy­berspace once you're done look­ing at it. Un­like Snapchat, Sling­shot re­quires users to sling a pic­ture or video of their own be­fore view­ing mes­sages sent to them. Es­sen­tially, the app has found a way to re­quire par­tic­i­pa­tion in a way that feels like a game.

Sto­ry­book Read­ing (Free) There's noth­ing sweeter for a child than be­ing read to by a par­ent. A new app called Sto­ry­book Read­ing aims to recre­ate this ex­pe­ri­ence for those times when par­ents aren't close by. The app in­structs users to take pic­tures of each page of a book and record them­selves read­ing as they work their way through the story. Once each book from a child's li­brary is com­plete, he or she will be able to lis­ten to the sto­ries at any mo­ment.

Yo. (Free) This ab­surdly sim­ple app reached one mil­lion users within four days of its re­lease, sur­pass­ing even Sling­shot in pop­u­lar­ity. But why? And how does it work? Well, users cor­re­spond with one an­other us­ing one word— “yo.” As the app's cre­ators ex­plain, “Wanna say ‘good morn­ing'? Just ‘Yo.' Wanna say, ‘Baby, I'm think­ing about you'? Yo.'” So what­ever you're think­ing, clearly “Yo” is the an­swer. We're still scratch­ing our heads over this one.

Lit­tle Mo­ments ($1.99) Ranked in the Top 20 paid Photo & Video apps within a month of its re­lease, Lit­tle Mo­ments makes for the per­fect photo-aday com­pan­ion, aim­ing to help you doc­u­ment your life in daily images. You'll never miss an as­sign­ment again with this app's in­spi­ra­tional prompts and daily re­minders. It's fun, inspiring, and bound to help you im­prove your photography skills over time.

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