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FRICKbits Data Art (Free) Trans­form your ev­ery­day life into a per­sonal master­piece with this bril­liant lit­tle app by artist Lau­rie Frick. De­scribed by Frick as a "data selfie," FRICKbits gath­ers your lo­ca­tion-based data and cre­ates stunning wa­ter­color-in­spired art­work that’s cen­tered around you and your trav­els. With an app like this, you’ll be in­spired to cover more ground, and af­ter a few days, FRICKbits will churn out an ab­stract work of art.

An­gry Birds Stella (Free) This sassy new ad­di­tion to the An­gry Birds fran­chise is cen­tered around Stella and her group of friends as they fight to save Golden Is­land from the Bad Princess Gale. And though the app has a whole new set of char­ac­ters and pow­ers, the premise of the game is the same—play­ers cat­a­pult birds at nearby struc­tures with a sling­shot in an at­tempt to de­stroy the wicked green pigs.

Day One ($4.99) Ap­ple has show­ered this jour­nal­ing app with awards in re­cent years—and for good rea­son! Day One is a beau­ti­fully de­signed cross-plat­form app that lets you record your thoughts and sto­ries eas­ily, thanks to its smart fea­tures and user-friendly in­ter­face. With each en­try, you can add pho­tos and tag them with key­words and lo­ca­tions.

Litely (Free) Litely of­fers a col­lec­tion of au­then­tic-look­ing, film-in­spired fil­ters sim­i­lar to VSCO­cam, as well as sim­ple ad­just­ment tools that let you tweak con­trast, vi­brance, and ex­po­sure. Litely’s pre­sets are sub­tle, aim­ing to im­prove your images with­out tak­ing away from their nat­u­ral beauty. The app comes with 9 fil­ters, and you can pur­chase more from the app’s col­lec­tion of 48 pre­mium pre­sets.

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