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iPhone Life Magazine - - Front Page - BY DONNA CLEVE­LAND

What iOS im­prove­ments is Ap­ple pre­par­ing for us be­hind closed doors? This is the ques­tion on our minds in the months lead­ing up to the World­wide De­vel­op­ers Con­fer­ence, where each June Ap­ple de­moes the most ex­cit­ing new soft­ware fea­tures com­ing to our iPhones and iPads in the fall. Last year with iOS 11, Ap­ple de­liv­ered pro­duc­tiv­ity en­hance­ments for the iPad, trans­la­tion skills for Siri, and the abil­ity to turn Live pho­tos into GIFs. This year, ac­cord­ing to the lat­est ru­mors, we'll be get­ting—drum roll—de­vices that work bet­ter. Are you ex­cited yet? Don't worry, along with the much­needed yet unin­spir­ing per­for­mance im­prove­ments Ap­ple is ru­mored to be fo­cus­ing on, we're con­fi­dent the tech gi­ant will also have some show­stop­ping fea­tures wait­ing for us in the wings.

Fewer Bugs Please!

While we've come to ex­pect some in­sta­bil­ity with fledg­ling soft­ware up­dates, iOS 11 has been par­tic­u­larly no­to­ri­ous for its bugs. Upon re­lease, the Mes­sages app wouldn't stop crash­ing and in­cluded an au­to­cor­rect glitch that swapped out the let­ter “I” with the let­ter “A” fol­lowed by a box. With iOS 12, Ap­ple is ex­pected to fo­cus on de­liv­er­ing rock-solid per­for­mance.

iCloud Photo Shar­ing That Works

Dur­ing a com­pany trip to Mex­ico last year, I used Face­book's Mo­ments app to in­stan­ta­neously share travel pho­tos with co­work­ers af­ter ex­pe­ri­enc­ing lag time and de­lays with iCloud Photo Li­brary. With iOS 12, I hope Ap­ple can re­pro­duce the ex­pe­ri­ence that Face­book has cre­ated with the Mo­ments app to make photo shar­ing pain­less and finding friends in­tu­itive.

Sup­port for Mul­ti­ple User Ac­counts

When Ap­ple's new MacBook Pro line came out with sup­port for mul­ti­ple user ac­counts and Touch ID lo­gin ca­pa­bil­i­ties, we were cer­tain the iPad and maybe even the iPhone would be next. We were wrong and are still mad about it! If Ap­ple wants to pro­mote the iPad Pro as a lap­top re­place­ment, the abil­ity to log in as dif­fer­ent users is a must.

Im­proved Light­ing Ef­fects

At iPhone Life, our man­ag­ing ed­i­tor Rheanne Tay­lor has been enjoying us­ing the na­tive Cam­era app's Light­ing Ef­fects while in Por­trait mode. But as she's pointed out, they can look harsh. With the next update, we'd like it if Ap­ple could im­prove the ef­fects so the re­sults look more nat­u­ral.

Lo­ca­tion-Based Do Not Dis­turb Set­tings

Do Not Dis­turb can be a life­saver when you're in a meet­ing and don't want to bother oth­ers with your per­sonal no­ti­fi­ca­tions. And while you can put Do Not Dis­turb on a sched­ule based on time of day, we'd like to see Ap­ple ex­pand its cus­tomiza­tion set­tings to in­clude lo­ca­tions. That way, when you're at places like work, your child's school, or church, you won't be in­ter­rupted by em­bar­rass­ing text no­ti­fi­ca­tions or calls where they're un­wanted.

Dy­namic Key­board for iPad

Typ­ing on the iPad's on-screen key­board re­quires so much ef­fort that I sim­ply don't use my tablet for writ­ing un­less it's con­nected to a third-party key­board. There's ev­i­dence that Ap­ple may be com­ing out with a so­lu­tion that would track the place­ment of your fin­gers so you don't have to look down as you type. Af­ter ac­quir­ing key­board app maker Type­soft Tech­nolo­gies in 2014, Ap­ple has since filed a patent on “fin­ger hover de­tec­tion for im­proved typ­ing” in 2016. If Ap­ple could pull off in­cor­po­rat­ing this fea­ture suc­cess­fully into iOS for iPads, our touch­screen typ­ing ex­pe­ri­ence could be for­ever changed.

Make Low Power Mode Work with Hey Siri

When­ever our fea­ture web writer Con­ner Carey's bat­tery is low, she stretches its life­span by flip­ping on Low Power Mode. The only prob­lem is, she also likes to use her vir­tual as­sis­tant hands free and Hey Siri is one of the fea­tures Ap­ple dis­ables with Low Power Mode in or­der to con­serve en­ergy. With iOS 12, we hope Ap­ple makes Hey Siri more en­ergy ef­fi­cient so we can use Ap­ple's AI while enjoying the ben­e­fits of Low Power Mode.

Add Crowd­sourc­ing to Ap­ple Maps

Ap­ple Maps gets bet­ter ev­ery year, but it has still sent me down a few dead-end roads only to an­nounce that I've reached my des­ti­na­tion. I'd feel a lot more un­der­stand­ing if Ap­ple made it eas­ier to send feed­back when it gets lo­ca­tions or streets wrong in or­der to im­prove its map­ping for next time.

Customizable Photo Man­age­ment

With Ap­ple's photo man­age­ment sys­tem, when you take pho­tos on your phone, they in­stantly ap­pear on all your other de­vices logged into your iCloud ac­count. How­ever, when you go to delete pho­tos from your iPhone to free up space, your only op­tion is to delete the pic­tures from iCloud as well. With iOS 12, I hope Ap­ple gives us the op­tion to man­age pho­tos on a de­vice-by-de­vice ba­sis, so we can store all our pho­tos to iCloud, but only keep a se­lec­tion of our choos­ing on each iOS de­vice.

Clear All Apps in the App Switcher

When you en­ter the App Switcher and see all your re­cently used apps on standby, you can close out each app in­di­vid­u­ally or even a few at a time when you swipe up. How­ever, there's no way to close them all out at once. For those times when your phone is act­ing up, we hope Ap­ple adds one but­ton that lets you close out all your apps so you can start fresh.

Share & Lock En­tire Fold­ers in Notes

In re­cent years, Ap­ple has added the abil­ity to share in­di­vid­ual notes with con­tacts and has also added the abil­ity to lock notes so you can keep sen­si­tive in­for­ma­tion pri­vate. It's easy to forget these fea­tures ex­ist, be­cause they feel half-baked. If Ap­ple added the abil­ity to lock and share en­tire fold­ers in­stead of just in­di­vid­ual notes, I'd be a lot more likely to take ad­van­tage of the app's shar­ing and lock­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties.

Abil­ity to Iden­tify Robo­calls

Un­wanted mar­ket­ing calls have be­come so com­mon in re­cent years that I pretty much avoid all calls from un­known numbers. I've missed some im­por­tant calls this way though! It would be nice if Ap­ple could alert us to robo­calls so we'd know not to pick up when one of them di­als your num­ber.

What fea­tures are you hop­ing for? Email [email protected] to let us know.

Donna Schill Cleve­land is the Ed­i­tor in Chief of iPhone Life magazine. Af­ter a short stint as a news­pa­per re­porter, she be­came web ed­i­tor at iPhone Life, where she con­tin­ues to pair her pen­chant for sto­ry­telling with her love of Ap­ple prod­ucts. Donna holds a master's de­gree from the Univer­sity of Iowa School of Jour­nal­ism & Mass Com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

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